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Creating a cadre of Thought Leaders in Management

Through the program the Institute aims to develop a cadre of management thought leaders who are willing to commit themselves to strive for managerial excellence and such values for a Sustainable world.

Curriculum and Coursework - Rigorous and Interdisciplinary

The program is a well-crafted rigorous process of inter-disciplinary training in all functions of management and hosts candidates who want to further their quest for knowledge and produce globally recognized research outcomes.

Field and Research Work - Focus on New Knowledge creation

The program trains students to conduct field work and to produce innovative and socially research. It encourages them to become exemplary teachers and researchers.

Industry Engagement

Industry , Government and NGOs are often associated or involved in the field and research work that is conducted.

Dissertation- Thesis

From third year onwards, students commence their doctoral dissertation work which provides them with an opportunity to make original contribution to an area of management or to one of its disciplines.

Who should apply for the program

The program is designed for those who are looking to pursue immersive research so as to develop new knowledge and insights in the Management discipline