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Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in Emerging Economies) - PGPEx (MBEE)

Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in Emerging Economies)
PGPEx (MBEE) Program Duration: 1 Year
Program Start and End date: January 22, 2020 - December 23, 2020

About the Program

The Indian Institute of Management Shillong designed the first ever its Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in India and China) (PGPEx-MBIC), a rigorous curriculum which acquainted practicing managers with the transnational management philosophy that equipped them with adequate management knowledge and skills to captain businesses straddling Indian and Chinese markets. In pursuance to develop managerial excellence, after erudition of Indo-China cross-cultural environment for the successful seven batches, now the Institute broadens the scope of the program to the Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in Emerging Economies) PGPEx (MBEE), which magnifies the learning opportunities beyond and focuses on inclusive and sustainable business opportunities across Emerging Markets.

The Institute since inception has mandated for itself to research, educate and contribute to communities, organizations and businesses by way of responsible management theory and practice – committing ourselves to develop a manager who is sensitive to the local needs and aspirations of people while contributing to an ecologically sustainable global order. Further, we feel responsible to align ourselves with the Nation’s vision to “Act East” for enhanced transnational growth opportunities and with a broadened horizon to learn from emerging economic and other global realities. Understanding that the socio-political and regional aspirations are different in such cases, than those in the more developed contexts.

Management Science, as illustrated today, is full of concepts which assumes the socio-economic reality to be universal. Whereas, globalizing economic entities have repeatedly been challenged by the local sociocultural. Managing business in emerging economies is not the same as in the developed economies. Euro-centric theories of management do not suffice in ensuring what businesses ought to achieve and how they operate. Management Science research has repeatedly proven the need to contextualize and cater to the needs of communities which are different than those in the west.

Emerging economies demand business models and practices which can cater to the contextual needs and aspirations of its people. Each of those nations which have successfully opened themselves to the idea of globalization, triggered human development and happiness and have established the need for a model which can help them resolve their unique problems and how they manifest themselves in their national contexts. Thus, managing businesses in such nations and regions has to be different than those in more established contexts. Rise of Japan and China need no further elaboration on how businesses get managed differently than in the typical western contexts. Their businesses and management are very different than those developed in the western contexts and certainly are more effective for the context they are born in. With a difference in appreciation of different contextual realities, even principles of managing businesses and practices originating out of those theories ought to be different and sensitive to the purposes which such businesses need to achieve. A managerial cadre who is sensitive to such differences and is willing to dedicate themselves to a more responsible and committed workforce for a sustainable future is desired. The Post Graduate Program for Executive (Managing Business in Emerging Economies) PGPEx (MBEE) is so designed to educate managers to become such contextually intelligent and contribute to the efforts of rediscovering the National potentials and chart a trajectory of socially and economically responsible economy.

Immersion in China

Fudan university, School of Management, Shanghai

Since its reestablishment in 1985, School of Management at Fudan University (FDSM) has grown along with the historic process of reform and opening-up in China. Driven by School’s noble mission of "setting roots in China in its progress, dedicating itself to innovative research, and cultivating academic specialists, business elites and social leaders with global perspectives and local insights", all the faculty and staff at FDSM have spared no effort to not only enhance our teaching and research competences in an all-round manner but also cultivate large numbers of outstanding management talent for China’s more prosperous economic development in the future. Fudan, literally meaning “heavenly light shines day after day”, is derived from Shangshu Dazhuan, the hermeneutic version of the earliest historical book in China. The name signifies Fudan University’s perpetual pursuit of excellence since the moment of its foundation. Education, as a promising and sustainable cause, requires our unremitting endeavor year after year before any glorious goal can be achieved. For more than one hundred years, generations of Fudan people have kept such a belief, and commitment, which led to the university’s brilliance and glory, and cast upon the university’s brand its spiritual core and cultural basis.

Credit Courses Scheduled in FUSM, Shanghai are:

  • Chinese Economy Overview
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Sales in China
  • Leadership and HR in China

Other interactions in Shanghai:

  • Corporate Lectures on Business Practices in China Chinese Economy Overview
  • Business Excursions

Ocean University of China, Qingdao

Ocean University of China, formerly Ocean University of Qingdao, was established in 1924 and is a comprehensive university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China and offers courses in disciplines of Science, Engineering, Fishery Sciences, Pharmaceutics, Economics, Management, Liberal Arts, Law, Agronomy and History. OUC is located in the coastal city of Qingdao. Located on the shore of Yellow Sea, Qingdao is a renowned summer resort and an attractive historic tourist city of scenic beauty and temperate climate. The city is well connected to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other East-Asian cities by direct flights operated from Qingdao Liuting International Airport. The college of Management in OUC has five departments including Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and Electronic Business, Tourism, Brand enterprise research centre and seven institutes which enriches the participants’ experience of cross-cultural management exposure.

Credit Courses Scheduled in OUC China are:

  • China and the World Economy
  • Chinese Business Law
  • Chinese Consumer Behavior
  • Capital Market in China
  • Chinese Culture
  • Advanced Chinese Language

Other interactions in Qingdao:

  • Corporate Lectures on Manufacturing Practices in China
  • Business Excursions
  • Social & Cultural Interactions in China

About the batch 2018-2019

This year's PGPEx batch is a set of 33 accomplished participants from a varied range of industry such as IT , ITES, Consulting, Automotive, Power & Energy, BFSI Engineering, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Entrepreneurship. The diversity in experiences and skills make this year's PGPEx program one of the most sought after batches for management education. Over the period of 14 months, the participants go through rigorous academic process of IIM Shillong and spends about 4 months at China which includes a module at The Ocean University of China for 6 weeks , a module at Fudan University for 2 weeks and Industrial exposure for 8 weeks and thereby understanding the culture and management principles of the country. The diversity of the batch makes it one of the most special ones. With an average experience of 7.6 years, the batch represents a strong team of professionals in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, General Management, Business Consulting, Brand Management, IT Development and Support, R&D, Construction & Engineering and Banking Operations


Internship in China

Under going internship in China gives the participants a unique glimpse into the management styles of the Asian business giant and economic power house. The participants come to gain practical insights into corporate problems, apply the business principles learnt during the course, and innovate.

China International Internships

  • 1. Diminco Tyrex International
  • 2. Go World Group Hisense International 
  • 3. Mahindra Satyam You Hua Law Firm 
  • 4. SunRui Marine Qingdao Mutrade
  • 5. MKL technologies Tech Mahindra, Shanghai 
  • 6. Freight System Limited China Material Supply & Transportation 
  • 7. Fortune Investment Bank Agility 
  • 8. Jasper Capital Yeahmobi 
  • 9. Qingdao Seawin Biotech Group NVT technologies Co. Ltd. 
  • 10. Qingdao Rubber Valley Productivity IOTOne, Shanghai
  • 11. Promotion Center Co., Ltd. 
  • 12. China Coal Mine Construction Group SEPCO III
  • 13. Corporation Limited(CCMC) 
  • 14. Suzhou, Anhui Dongguan
  • 15. Institute of Chinese Studies
  • 16. Qingdao Tipont Cord Company Limited
  • 17. SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation
  • 18. Confederation of Indian Industry, Shanghai
  • 19. IoT ONE338, Shanghai
  • 20. TGOOD Global, Qingdao