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Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in Emerging Economies) - PGPEx (MBEE)


1. How is the PGPEx-MBEE program is different from the PGP? 

Ans. Although both are full-time residential programmes, the PGPEx programme is a one year program designed specifically for professionals with work experience. The program aims at equipping the participants with adequate management knowledge and skills to enable them to captain businesses straddling Indian, Chinese and other emerging markets and operate at strategic levels with a global outlook by synergizing all functional areas of management. The International Immersion Module gives students an opportunity to broaden learning and deepen knowledge about an increasingly globalized economic environment.

2. What is Fee of the PGPEx- MBEE program?

Ans. The Annual fee for the batch PGPEx- MBEE 2020 is around 18.75 Lacs. This includes Tuition Fee (Rs. 16.5 Lacs), Mess Charges* (During stay in India), Electricity Charges*, Health Insurance*, Software License Fees, Student activity charges, Stay in India and abroad. (* as per the actual).
However, the others, like Visa fee, Domestic and International travel, food (outside India) etc., are not be part of the aforementioned fee.

3. Does the fee includes the expense such as traveling, visa charges, food expense, lodging etc during international visit? 

Ans. The fee only includes lodging expenses, apart from this all other expenses including travel expense, Visa charges, Food etc are to be borne by the student.

4. What is the Acceptance fee?

Ans. Acceptance fee is the fee payable by the participants who are given the final offer to join the program. The Acceptance fee is to be paid in the due time to confirm acceptance of the offer. This year the Acceptance fee is Rs. 1 Lac. The Acceptance fee is adjusted with the first module fee.

5. Does the institute provide with student insurance? 

Ans. Yes, the students will be covered against the medical insurance scheme during their stay in India and abroad. For overseas insurance students will have to avail the insurance as per the university norms.

6. Do I need to buy any book for study purpose? 

Ans. The college provides with the relevant books and other materials as prescribed for every subjet by respective faculty.

7. Can we do this course in distance learning?

Ans. No, it’s one year full-time residential program.

8. Is the international component optional? 

Ans. No, it is compulsory.

9. What is the minimum work experience required to apply ? 

Ans. 5 years of full time work experience is required, however in certain cases relaxations may be given for exceptional managerial experience.

10. What are the probable cities where I can appear for interview? 

Ans. Based on the previous trends, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata have been the cities where interviews are conducted. However it depends on the number of applications received from a city.

11. What are the total electives available and how many can we choose?

Ans. The number of electives varies each year. The electives chosen will depend on the professional interests of the student.

12. What if a student does not like his/her elective after studying for a certain period of month/months? 

Ans.  Selection of an elective is student's prerogative and based upon his/her interests. Once an elective is taken, there no choice but to complete the elective.

13. Where can I get more information about the course structure?

Ans. You can get detailed information from the below link: 

14. What is the placement scenario of the program?

Ans. Placement is a student driven activity. For further details click here or talk to the Executive Placement Committee