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Post Graduate Program for Executives (Managing Business in Emerging Economies) - PGPEx (MBEE)

Globalization of businesses has added new dimensions of cultural complexities and problems, which requires a new synthesis of ethics, values, ecology, quality, customer satisfaction and innovation in managing businesses across cultures. Thus the need of the contemporary business is to align the need of local cultures with the global realities. Contemporary business management curriculum consists of theories developed in the western contexts incorporating western ways of doing business. The West has taught us how to organize resources of production efficiently using technological innovations. The East however advocates a holistic approach towards achieving larger organizational goals. As such the Eastern practices of tolerance, sustainability and holistic development becomes imperative for today’s curriculum of business management. PGPEx-(MBEE) curriculum is the amalgamation of the Global business theories with the Eastern Philosophy of an integrated development of all faculties.

Distinctive features of the Program

The program is a one year full time residential program.

The PGPEx-(MBEE) curriculum comprises a blend of core and elective courses, supplemented by specialized courses on industry sectors to develop business leaders for Emerging Economies. The institutes offer ample opportunities for all round development of an individual through a pedagogy structured towards active experiential learning and participant oriented case methodology. The meticulously framed curriculum and the Case based pedagogy provides a rich blend of basic and functional management courses supplemented by some specialized capstone modules. In the effort of developing a curriculum that best describes the above challenges we have developed novel approaches by integrating various practices from the corporate and the academic world.

The PGPEx-(MBEE) curriculum focuses on the business practices in Emerging Economies. The participants will have to undertake industrial visits in Emerging Economy(ies) to understand the business practices, further there would be a mandatory industrial visits and classroom training in China (for Non-Chinese) (or/and other emerging economies), in India (for Non-Indian). Participants of PGPEx-(MBEE) will learn to analyze problems, think strategically, and build global organizations. Plus, they will develop teaming skills and cultural awareness required for their successful career in the emerging economies.

Innovative Content

The PGPEx-(MBEE) curriculum incorporates best business practices and issues affecting each world region with focus on Emerging Economies. No culture or perspective dominates the curriculum and it is envisaged to provide the participants with a broad and balanced worldview. Each participant will learn to analyze problems, think strategically, and build organizations. Moreover, they will develop leadership skills, with emphasis on working with multicultural global teams.

Seminar Module

The Seminar Series is one of the highlights of the PGPEx-(MBEE) and covers topics on international management, global society and cross culture for all round development of the participants. It has two objectives - to supplement class-room learning by engaging with global business leaders and, to expose students to the world outside of management for holistic leadership development. To achieve these objectives, eminent personalities from various domains are invited to deliver lectures in India and China (and/or other emerging economies) exclusively to the PGPEx-(MBEE) participants. The seminars provide an opportunity to interact with and learn from the best minds in business and society. The institute aims at setting new trends in Global Executive Management education and helping its participants to grow in all facets of life. Thus, the curriculum provides a clear career path to corporate and societal leadership.

Physical and Mental Fitness

The course is designed in such a way that it creates an opportunity for participants to upgrade themselves. Upgrading doesn't only mean to gather more knowledge but also with additional activities as a part of curriculum for ensuring physical fitness, mental clarity, overall stability and agility so that they make the most of it.

Yoga – Yoga is for their overall well-being. It is an Indian science which has the potency to completely transform the life of an individual.

Sports - Golf is a flagship sport of IIM Shillong. Not only does it help learn a new sport but also provide a live platform for developing networking skills.

Trekking - Shillong is blessed with nature. Waterfalls, lakes and beautiful treks are enchanting in every way. Staying with nature and exhausting in Meghalaya’s treks will definitely enhance mental awareness, bring inclusivity and enrich life experience in all possible ways.

China Module

It has become imperative for multinational businesses to understand Chinese Business Management. The PGPEx-(MBEE) course is designed to achieve this objective where by the participants are exposed to the business practice of China and India.

International Immersion

The International Immersion module in the PGPEx-(MBEE) is designed to give participants insights into the emerging economies of India and China ( may get extended to other countries). The insights include the economic, social and cultural aspects of these countries. The participants will undergo courses for four months in IIM Shillong, where they will be taught general management curriculum. In the second stage is the international immersion participants will spend around 2 months at Ocean University, Qingdao, Fudan University attending various lectures which expose the participants to economic, social, cultural aspects of China. This may get extended or reduced depending upon the institute collaborations with other universities. Another important aspect of the stay is to understand the social and cultural aspects of the country and travel is one of the major ways of experiencing the culture. Participants get to visit historic sites and get first-hand exposure to the country and understand the contemporary situation and how that society has evolved.


The meticulously framed curriculum and the Case based pedagogy are aimed at preparing the participants in all aspects of management before they enter the global organizations. The curriculum is a rich blend of basic and functional management courses supplemented by some specialized capstone modules.