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bITeSys, Systems Club

Bitesys Team 2019

Systems enthusiasts of IIM Shillong and offers them a chance to share and enhance their knowledge in the field of Technology and Systems Management. Such live projects give them the opportunity to test their knowledge in complex business scenarios


Janani RC, Rupali Bajpai, Arumuga Vinayagam S, Mahamulkar Pranav Surendra, Jagan Kumar E, Shashank Gontia, Nikita Namdeo Kare

About The Committee

Provide a platform for the seamless dissemination of knowledge between the corporates and students.

Unearth professional opportunities for students beyond the traditional avenues by acquiring live projects for the participants on a regular basis


The CXO Challenge

“The CXO Challenge” a strategy based decision making event for the strategy enthusiasts.

Online Treasure Hunt

Online Treasure Hunt, an event to test the patience, persistence and knowledge in the field of technology of participants.

Modulus Operandi

“Modulus Operandi” a data analytics case study to challenge the budding data scientists and analytics enthusiasts


"SIM-BITE", a simulation based competition. “Inno-bITe”, a one slider competition based on disruptive ideas in various fields where Internet of Things (IoT) could be implemented. Technological view and analysis of the demonetisation was done as the club members actively participated in the session with industry experts

Snapshot of events

Event 3
Event 4

Contact Details

Janani RC -, 97898 97091

Rupali Bajpai -, 94249 22148

Arumuga Vinayagam S -, 96775 73684

Official Email id: